Holiday Gifting Made Easy: Good Directions' Top Picks

Holiday Gifting Made Easy: Good Directions' Top Picks - Good Directions
Welcome to the Good Directions Holiday Gift Guide, where impeccable craftsmanship meets the joy of gifting! Read on to explore a curated selection of premium products thoughtfully curated for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life. From elegant weathervanes adding timeless charm, to stylish fire pits creating a cozy ambiance under the stars – our guide is a treasure trove of unique, heirloom quality pieces. For over 38 years Good Directions products have been unsurpassed in style, quality, and durability – perfect for the house-proud homeowner. Browse the entire catalog or discover our hand-selected items for the special people in your life below!

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Best Gifts for the Ladies in Your Life

Does a special lady in your life have a green thumb? How about a love of birds? With plenty of hand-crafted and artisanal gifts to choose from, you’re bound to find something that says ‘thank you’ to the most important women in your world.

Hummingbird Garden Weathervane

A coveted sight in every backyard, this hovering hummingbird, feeding in mid-flight, is ready to adorn your outdoor space. Crafted with intricate details, like it’s suspended flight stance, delicate wings, beak, and vibrant tail feathers, the handcrafted, pure copper weathervane captures the beauty of a hummingbird gracefully drawing nectar from the flowers.

Verde Fly-Thru Bird Feeder

Get ready to add some flair to your garden with our Fly-Thru™ bird feeder. This feeder was designed in conjunction with talented local artisans and bird aficionados, ensuring it’s a hassle-free experience for you and your feathered friends. The large perches on either side allow easy access to seed, while the eye-catching green hue and copper accents make a statement in the garden. For more color, get the Triple Fly-Thru feeder in Azure, Verde and Mojave.

Be Still My Heart Bird Feeder

Love is in the air when you give this ruby red, heart-shaped bird feeder as a gift. The patented Fly-Thru ™ design entices birds to stay awhile perched at the center, or simply dine-and-dash, taking their seed back to the nest. An easy-fill panel and see-through plexiglass allows you to change up the seed easily, keeping the birds coming back. Or if hearts aren’t your thing, tell her you’re Over The Moon to know her with this bird feeder instead.

Tranquil Meditating Buddha Bird Baths

Looking for a gift that's a true conversation starter? Check out our Tranquil Meditating Buddha Bird Baths. These aren't just bird baths - they're a piece of handcrafted art for any garden. Made with love by American artisans, each birdbath features a meditating Buddha, promising to bring a touch of peace to any outdoor space or garden. Choose from two styles: one with a cleverly designed collapsible pedestal stand, and the other perched on a sturdy garden pole. Both are made from high-quality copper and cast aluminum, so they're not only beautiful but durable too. Perfect for that friend who loves their garden almost as much as their zen moments!

Copper Boot Trays

These multi-purpose boot trays are as versatile as they are attractive! The classic design compliments all décor while the raised lip keeps the mess inside the tray. Use it in the entryway or mudroom for shoes, boots and umbrellas. Better yet, the tray also doubles as an attractive home for potted plants or as a neat, no-mess zone for pet bowls! Available in Classic, Medallions or Squares styles.

Best Gifts for Men

Who doesn’t love a great looking yard, a fabulous shed, or terrific curb appeal? Check out our top picks for the men in your life!

Cook King Viking Fire Pit

Nothing creates ambiance quite like a fire pit. The Cook King Viking fire pit is European-made from thick steel with a large bowl. Sized at 31.5 inches in diameter, this fire pit is designed to burn lots of wood! The portable, light weight and perfectly welded piece is top-quality and built to last.

Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane

Embody the sprit and power of America’s eagle! This stunning weathervane is crafted with precision and a detail unlike any other. Bold talons, exquisite feathers and spectacular wings give the impression of grace and strength atop your home or shed. Choose from our elegant selection of eagle weathervanes, available in copper, black aluminum, and blue verde finishes.   

Sedona Hose Pot

Never have to deal with unruly hoses again! Built with durable materials, this long-lasting piece of perfection provides functionality while adding to the ambiance of any outdoor oasis. The beautiful verdigris and brass finished pot holds up 100-feet of hose inside. Multiple drainage holes eliminate excess water while an ample opening on the side allows for easy connection to an outdoor faucet. These versatile containers can also be used as graceful planters, firewood containers, or impressive drink buckets, and are sure to strike up conversation.

Rain Chains

Sick of downspouts getting clogged?  Want to be more environmentally friendly? Look no further – give the important men in your life a weekend warrior project and install a rain chain.   Not only will these beautiful chains up the curb appeal of your home, they’re also made from copper with various finishes and styles, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Simply attach to a gutter and wait for the rain. Pair the chain with a hand-hammered basin to create a unique bath for your feathered friends. Available in many designs and finishes including the copper pineapple chain, the blue verde tulip rain chain and more!

Best Gifts for Bird Lovers

Bird-Inspired Weathervanes

Show your unique style by gifting your favorite bird weathervane to a friend, neighbor or loved one.  Available in copper or black through the Modern Farmhouse Collection, our bird-inspired weathervanes include: the Graceful Heron (also in gorgeous Verde color!) Rooster, Chicken, Eagle, and more!

Rainy Day Bird Feeder

As the days get colder and wetter, avoid soggy seeds with this quirky and creative birdfeeder. With a wide umbrella accent, it’s the ultimate raincoat for your feathered friends. The beautiful copper finish paired with a heavy-duty plexiglass feeder accommodates 3.5 pounds of seed, so you don’t have to fill it as often – great for those cold winter days! There’s also our Dine & Dash covered feeder, and the Pagoda feeder if an umbrella just isn’t your style.

Winged Wonders: Twin Birds & Greek Chic

Ready to give your garden a splash of charm? Take a look at our two stunning bird baths: the Nature-Inspired Twin Birds and the Greek-inspired Hellenic Basin. The Twin Birds Birdbath is all about easy elegance. Simply place it into your garden with its leafy, three-pronged pole and watch as birds flock to its welcoming, Audubon-approved basin. Then there's our Greek Bird Bath, inspired by ancient artistry with its hand-hammered, Hellenic design. It features a unique, hand-rubbed finish on the rim and sits proudly on a sturdy, four-pronged pole. Whether you're into the whimsical charm of twin birds or the classic Greek vibes, these bird baths are sure to turn heads!

Best Gifts for Creating Backyard Style

From birdbaths and feeders to hose pots and fire pits, your backyard will never look better! Featuring unique designs, capture whimsy and a splash of elegance with these items.

Key West Hose Pot

A handsome hiding spot for up to 100 feet of unruly garden hose, each pot and lid is handmade using Old World techniques paired with modern innovation to create an attractive and practical outdoor accent. An ample side hole allows the hose to be easily connected to an outdoor faucet.

Cook King Porto Fire Pit

Nothing says backyard style better than a classy fire pit! Made of European heavy steel welded to a hoop for easy carrying, the Porto fire pit can easily be taken with you from your yard to the beach, or even to a friend’s house. Create many memorable moments while enjoying the warmth and ambiance only a wood-burning fire can give.

Riveted Copper Planters

Beautiful and bold, this planter set perfectly promotes plant growth in any setting. Each planter is made from top-quality materials for longevity, and incorporates intersecting rows of rivets designed to bring beauty to any abode. Carefully constructed for indoor or outdoor use with a lightweight, yet durable build. Available in Bronze, Copper, or Zinc finishes, the planter set is sure to compliment any space.

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