100% Pure Copper Roof Finials

Add a touch of class to your roofline with our decorative roof finials.

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    Welcome to our copper roof finial collection, where modern style meets traditional craftsmanship. Our exquisite collection features a wide range of designs, from the elegant French-inspired scrolls to the ornate Victorian-era motifs. Our roof finials are handcrafted by skilled artisans using 100% pure copper, ensuring beauty and durability that lasts a lifetime. Browse our collection today and find the perfect copper finial to enhance the beauty of your roof.


    "Beautiful Roof Finials... Beyond my expectations."

    "I've purchased a total of three Copper Victoria Finials with copper brackets. My neighbor assisted with the installation. Easy to install; heavy quality, beautiful design. Beyond my expectations. They look sharp on my 1952 brick cottage (Owensboro KY). Thank you Good Directions for making quality products."

    - R. R.

    Why Choose Our Roof Finials?

    Made of Pure Copper

    Our finials are made with 100% pure copper and are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring they will last for years.

    Easy Installation

    Our copper finials are designed for easy installation onto any roof or gable end. Choose between copper or steel roof mount for a hassle-free setup.

    Expert Craftsmanship

    Our finials are handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, who are passionate about their work, ensuring each piece is of exceptional quality.

    Copper Finials: Top Features

    Adds a Crowning Touch

    Our roof finials are a perfect focal point to any roofline, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch that makes your building stand out.

    Multiple Mounting Options

    Our copper finials come in both steel and copper roof mounts. This lets you to choose the mount that best fits your roof's material and design.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Our copper finials come with a worry-free, lifetime warranty, assuring our customers that their investment is protected.

    24-hour FREE Shipping

    We offer 24-hour FREE shipping on our copper finials, ensuring your order is processed and shipped quickly.

    Different Finial Styles We Offer

    Good Directions offers a wide range of roof finial styles to match your building's architecture and design aesthetic. Our selection includes:

    • Victorian Roof Finials: Inspired by the ornate and elaborate Victorian-era design, they feature intricate details and curving lines - and are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your roofline.
    • Modern Roof Finials: Perfect choice for a sleek and contemporary look. These designs feature clean lines and geometric shapes, making them an excellent match for modern architecture.
    • French Roof Finials: Inspired by classic French architecture, featuring elegant curves and decorative details, they are the perfect way to add a touch of old-world charm to your building's roofline.
    • Antique Roof Finials: A great choice if you are looking for a vintage or weathered look. These finials feature a rustic and aged appearance that can add character and charm to any building.