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Add a touch of class to your property!

Are you looking to add an elegant touch to your home interior or outdoors? Look no further than our Heron Weathervane! Crafted from 100% pure copper, our collection of heron weathervanes is built to last for years. It includes flying heron designs with its intricate body, graceful wings, and meticulous beak searching for peaceful waters. This timeless piece of functional decor will enhance the ambiance of any outdoor space, including a garden, patio, gazebo, barn, or rooftop.

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"A work of art, absolutely beauty...I love this blue heron!"

"Absolutely stunning cottage heron. Customer service is just as perfect. I was contacted about how the weathervane would be mounted. Good Directions happily offered to update the order so we received all the correct parts."

- Barbara

Elegant Heron Design: Add a Touch of Nature to Your Home

Our heron weathervanes are stunning pieces of art, crafted with the utmost attention to detail. They feature realistic and lifelike details that bring these majestic birds to life - you can almost feel their strength and power as they proudly stand guard atop their perch.

Just like a graceful sentinel, these elegant weathervanes will add beauty and serenity to your home, helping it reach its full potential. With each gust of wind, you'll be reminded of the majesty of nature as the herons stretch their wings in anticipation of flight. Our heron weathervanes are more than just accents - they're symbols of freedom, adventure, and harmony that will lend an air of sophistication and elegance to any home!

100% Pure Copper for Durability and Longevity

Each of our heron weathervanes is a unique work of art, carefully crafted with 100% pure copper, drawing inspiration from the power and grace of these majestic birds. The solid construction ensures that these pieces will stand the test of time and remain in excellent condition for years to come, making them an ideal choice to decorate any home's rooftop. Copper, like life itself, is strong yet supple; it survives storms and endures through time - just as our heron weathervanes can do.

Choose from a Variety of Finishes to Match Your Home's Exterior

Our heron weathervanes are like a magical wind that can transform the look of your home. Choose between natural copper, aluminum, and blue Verde copper finish - each one is enchanting in its own special way. Small, large, traditional, or modern designs - whatever your preference may be, our weathervanes will make an exquisite addition to any home. So, from a classic look to more modern designs, our heron weather vanes have something that will fit the bill.

Beautiful Decorative Art Pieces, Perfect for Gifting

Our heron weathervanes make a wonderful gift for any outdoor enthusiast, as their unique design and elegant craftsmanship are like a breath of fresh air. The heron's graceful silhouette against the sky symbolizes freedom and new beginnings, making it the perfect present to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or holidays. Whether you're gifting it to your partner or family member or giving it to a friend, our heron weathervane will add an extra-special touch that speaks of love and appreciation. It's more than just a decoration - its beauty and charm will uplift spirits each time they look up into the sky.

Other Features:

  • Easy to Install and Low Maintenance
  • Perfect for Both Practical and Decorative Purposes
  • Multiple Sizes and Styles to Choose From

With their elegance and grace, our heron weathervanes are perfect for mounting on rooftops, gardens, gazebos, or patios, adding a natural accent to your home's exterior.

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Instruction Manuals

Comprehensive weathervane installation manuals with step-by-step instructions (video provided) on how to install, mount and assemble our weathervanes.

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