Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide - Good Directions

Mother’s Day brings warmer weather, and with nature coming back into bloom, what better way to celebrate the special women in our lives than with gifts to enjoy the great outdoors? Whether your mom, wife or sister is a seasoned green thumb or simply loves to relax on the patio or by the pool, we have a variety of unique, hand crafted, and thoughtful gifts that are sure to bring a smile to her face. From planters to bird feeders and more, we’ve got you covered when it comes to perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.

Is It Wine O’Clock?

If your mom loves gathering with friends and family to enjoy a nice Chianti or Chardonnay, our Wine Weathervane may be just the gift for her! Combining beauty and function with timeless design, Good Directions offers a wide selection of heirloom quality weathervanes that sit atop a garden pole and can be placed anywhere in the yard. And if wine isn’t her thing, we have weathervanes to suit all types of personalities from whales, to all kinds of birds, horses, deer, golf, sailboats, flags, directional arrows, and more. Durable, long-lasting and beautiful, our weathervanes are made of 22-gauge copper and solid brass and make for an excellent Mother’s Day gift.

Love Those Birds

Show some love to your favorite feathered friends by filling this beautiful, fly-through, heart-shaped bird feeder with their favorite type of seeds. Works of art, our elegant pieces are made of high-quality copper and plexiglass ensuring an enhanced bird-watching experience for Mom on Mother’s Day. Whether placed outside a kitchen window, next to a patio or by an entranceway, bird feeders are guaranteed to enhance nature’s canvas by providing an ever-changing landscape of flying color and activity.

For a longer lasting experience, you might also consider giving your favorite birds a home and place to bathe as well. Our bird houses are designed in conjunction with bird-experts to provide exactly what they need for a cozy and welcoming experience. Featuring mango wood bases and copper roofs, every bird house has a unique style. To complete the experience, our large variety of copper birdbaths means mom can watch her feathered friends preen and shimmy away in style.

The Perfect Planters

Small backyard? Pool with hardscape? Boring porch or patio? Help Mom spruce up her outdoor spaces with a selection of planter boxes. Available in multiple sizes and styles, mixing and matching planters enhances an existing garden or creates a beautiful space in a day. Fill planters with grasses, mini-trees or annual flowers to create a vibrant and colorful space unique to Mom. No green thumb needed – simply fill with soil, plant the flowers, and water. Good Directions planters are constructed of solid steel for longevity and have intersecting rows of rivets that really set them apart from other styles!

If your mom is a plant lover, metal planters are the perfect gift. Not only do they add a touch of greenery, but they can also be creative and eye-catching, making them perfect for adding some personality to any space!

Mom’s Day Off

No one wants to clean on Mother’s Day and while April showers bring May flowers, sometimes May showers can cause things to be muddy and messy! Keep the outdoors outside by using one of Good Directions unique entryway boot trays. Perhaps not always top-of-mind as a Mother’s Day gift, Mom will appreciate the effort you’re taking to keep floors and carpets free of mud and grime. With a slew of styles and colors, including a raised-relief design to promote quick-drying, there’s sure to be a boot tray suitable for every home.


There are many wonderful gifts you can choose from to show Mom you care and how much you appreciate everything the special lady in your life does for you. These are just a few of the items on our website, so take some time to explore other options such as rain chains, cupolas or sundials to find a Mother’s Day gift your mom will love for years to come. A beautiful and whimsical experience enhances the outdoor season, so be sure to celebrate Mom by creating a perfect space for her.

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