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Introducing Good Directions striking rooster weathervanes crafted with traditional and timeless elements. These beautiful wind vanes combine antique style with a vintage feel that is sure to dazzle. Each rooster weathervane is designed by our in-house artisans and is made from only the finest copper to ensure durability. With intricate detailing, these lovely "chicken" weathervanes have been carefully designed down to the last feather. Get ready to adorn your home with these ornamental art piece to enhance the ambience of your roof line.

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"Solidly built with a detailed artistic design..."

"Beautiful weathervane it’s solidly built with a detailed artistic design of rooster. It was very easy to put together and mount to my coop rooftop."

- Rebecca

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What is a rooster weathervane?

A rooster weathervane is a decorative figurine used to indicate the direction in which the wind blows. Traditionally it features a rooster-shaped sculpture as the focal point, accompanied by a set of directionals and a set of spacer globes. The directionals are positioned using a compass, allowing the weathervane to point accurately in the direction of the wind.

What are the styles and sizes of rooster weathervanes?

We host a variety of rooster weathervanes, from traditional to modern. Many people prefer the classic look of an antique or vintage rooster weathervane made of pure copper that can be mounted directly on the roof or atop a cupola. Larger ones are also popular, as they complement larger structures like barns, garages, or larger cupolas. No matter which type you choose, these decorative piece of art will help complete your home's look with its rustic charm. If you have any difficulties choosing them, please get in touch with us, and we'd be glad to assist you.

Can I use a rooster weathervane as an art piece, decoration, or gift?

Absolutely! Our rooster weathervanes make beautiful art pieces and ideal gifts for your loved ones. They are a great way to add decorative value and interest to your home or outdoor space. Memories will last a lifetime after gifting one of these works of art to your family or friends. It also makes a great conversation piece when hung above a fireplace or in an entryway. In addition, it's whimsical design is sure to bring delight to any onlooker and can be used as a focal point in any garden or backyard area.

Some of the most popular rooster weather vanes that stand out are:

Where can I place a rooster weathervane?

Our rooster weathervane can be placed on top of a home, barn, garage, gazebo, or shed roof. They can be mounted on the exterior side of your house, especially on an eve. Remember that they can also be displayed inside your home using our mantel base; they are great for mantels, game rooms, offices, and man caves.

What is the symbolism (cultural significance) behind a rooster weathervane?

The rooster has long been used as a symbol of good luck and fortune, so it is not surprising that putting it atop a home is thought to bring good luck. Additionally, it was revered by many ancient cultures as a symbol of vigilance, making it an ideal choice for a weather vane that is meant to indicate which direction the wind is blowing. Similarly, in Christianity, the rooster has come to signify awakening and renewal; again, an appropriate metaphor for a weathervane designed to alert us to changes in the wind. These symbolic meanings combine to make it ideal for a weather vane design.

What type of maintenance is required for a rooster weathervane?

A rooster weathervane requires no maintenance. However, if you want to retain its original copper finish, we recommend using our Incralac Lacquer, which comes in a spray can. Before placing your weathervane outside, apply a few coats of the lacquer. This will preserve the copper look for many years to come. Otherwise, it will ultimately patina into a beautiful green color.

How long do rooster weathervanes usually last?

Good Directions weathervanes can easily last for a lifetime. They are made from 22-gauge pure copper (detailed with brass accents) and have been designed to withstand the test of time. In addition, our copper weathervane features a lifetime warranty and is built to last throughout all weather conditions worldwide.

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