Weathervane Inspired: Creative Interior Decor Ideas For New Homes

Weathervane Inspired: Creative Interior Decor Ideas For New Homes - Good Directions

Attention all new homeowners! Have you ever looked up at a weathervane on a roof and thought to yourself, 'That's cute'? Well, let me tell you, it's more than just a cute roof accessory.

Weathervanes are like the cherry on top of your home and a reflection of your personality and style. So, get ready to take a "spin" and discover why you should consider adding a weathervane to your home decor.

Being an experienced interior designer, I come across new homeowners who are overwhelmed with the idea of styling their homes. From a vibrant rug to a cheerful wall hanging or a new coat of paint to some trendy throw pillows - there are plenty of options that they suggest.

But, you know - the smallest addition, like a weathervane, can make all the difference.

That's why I love weathervanes so much - they look simple yet has its own style and can make a huge statement without being too over-the-top.

So, if you want to make your home stand out from the rest, there's no better statement piece than a functional, unique weathervane!

Having said this, let's find out why weathervanes make great home decoration accent:

Add personality and charm: 

Eagle Weathervane for Interior Home Decor

Shop the above Eagle Weathervane

As a homeowner, you have your own style and personality that is reflected through your home decor.

Weathervanes do exactly that - they add a bit of character to your home's interior and exterior - and provide a unique look that's different from the rest.

This is achieved through the unique shapes, designs, and styles a weathervane has to offer. Even the selection of the weathervane icon (the figurine) will reflect your love or affinity towards a certain character.

It could be a cute animal, bird, or fish that will bring an air of life to your home.

By selecting a unique weathervane or adding your own personal touch to it, you can easily customize the look that resonates with who you are.

This will ensure that your home reflects your style – and not just something that is trendy, popular, and redundant.

Add a sense of variety:

Mermaid Weathervane For Interior Home Decor

Shop the above Mermaid Weathervane

When it comes to home decor, I'm all about spicing things up with something that is least expected.

I know paintings, sculptures, and vases are great options, but why not add some variety with a weathervane? Not only are these decorative pieces aesthetically pleasing, but they're also rarely seen inside the home - making them a truly remarkable addition to any space.

From farm/pet animals to nautical and wild designs, you can find a weather vane that suits any home interior theme. You could display it on a shelf, mantel, or table, thereby providing your interior a hint of extra boost.

As an interior designer, I always love seeing my clients opt for something different in their decorating choices - so go ahead and make a statement with one of these stunning weathervanes! Trust me - once you've installed a weathervane, you won't look back!

The copper feel and factor:

Wine Bottle Weathervane for Interior Decor

Shop our Hummingbird Weathervane / Shop our Wine Bottle Weathervane

How often have you been to your loved one's home and noticed the glimmer of copper decor? Though copper is a beautiful material, it's often overlooked as a decorative item.

Many of us have seen copper used in the kitchen but rarely consider it a decorative item for our living room. Well then, here's your chance to break all norms by investing in a beautiful and ornamental copper weathervane.

Copper weathervanes add just the right amount of luxury and sophistication to any home interior. The polished finish of these copper weathervanes can bring a sparkle to whatever environment you place them in.

Also, as the copper weathervane ages, its patina gives it a beautiful antique look. Who would not love an antique art piece in their home?

The warm hue of the metal adds to its charm as it nicely blends into your existing interior color scheme. Its aged look adds a timeless sophistication that's hard to achieve with any other material.

Plus, due to its vintage appeal, you can be assured that your copper weathervane will never go out of style. It truly is a timeless classic!

Did I forget to mention that copper is more durable? That means it's the perfect choice for anyone looking for a decor item that can withstand the test of time. So if you're searching for an art piece with variety and longevity, copper weathervanes are definitely the way to go!

Historical significance: 

Rooster Weathervane For Home Decor

Shop our Red Rooster Weathervane / Shop our Motorbike Weathervane

When most of us speak about interior design, we all want the latest trendy items. Not bad, really!

However, have you considered having a decor item that holds historical significance? Yes, while you start compiling a list of antique items, think of weathervanes - which have been used in various cultures since ancient times, and carry a lot of weight when it comes to history.

Imagine having a piece of history in your living room! Mention 'weathervane', and you go back through time, reminding yourself of its long-lasting legacy. Being nostalgic is the best feeling ever!

Not to mention the praises your friends and family will shower on you for finding such an exquisite piece of art that celebrates both historical significance and modern aesthetics.

Plus, the vintage appeal of a copper weathervane will allow it to always stay in style - it truly is timeless! Now that's something worth talking about.

Weathervanes for outdoor space:

Horse Weathervane For Outdoor Decor

Shop our Horse Weathervanes

While I've been speaking about the uses of weathervanes for interior design, I must also emphasize it being a show-stopper for outdoor spaces. Weathervanes can truly add the icing on the cake when it comes to your garden or rooftop. Not to mention that adding a Cupola will further elevate your exterior design, giving it a classy look. 


So, there you go! If you're looking for something that adds just the right amount of timeless metal to your home decor, then look no further - go for a copper weathervane.

From classic to modern designs, they provide a sense of variety and fullness - and most importantly, they reflect your personality while aesthetically justifying its presence. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one today, and let your guests do the talking!

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