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Since 1982, Good Directions has offered a selection of elegant horse weathervanes made of pure copper. Inspired by timeless historical designs dating back to the mid-1800s, our horse weather vanes are designed by American artisans with a unique style. Not only do they add a touch of class to any exterior or interior space, but they also showcase a love for horses. Our collection features running, jumping, racing, tabletop models, antique and majestic trotting horses.

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"We love our Smithsonian Stafford Cupola and Horse Weathervane!"

"We put a light inside the cupola - which makes it look even more beautiful at night. It truly enhances our property by adding a touch of elegance. Good Directions is a company where quality people deliver quality products and customer service. We highly recommend them."

- Mya and Mike

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What is a horse weathervane?

Horse weathervanes are decorative pieces traditionally mounted on the roof of your home, building, or similar structure. They consist of a horse figure with arrow, mounted on a rod, allowing the weathervane figure to rotate and move with the wind, thus indicating its direction.

Horse weathervanes have been popular since ancient times. They have been used for centuries to add character and interest to outdoor spaces and serve a practical purpose in helping people determine wind direction. They also remain a favorite decorative accent even today.

What are the different types of horse weathervanes available?

Good Directions offer various types of horse weathervanes, each with its unique design and style. Some popular styles include:

  • Galloping horses feature horses in a full gallop, with their legs extended and their manes flowing. They are often depicted in a racing or athletic pose, making them a great choice for horse enthusiasts.
  • Trotting horses are depicted in a more relaxed pose, with their legs moving in a diagonal pattern as they move forward. They are an excellent choice for a more laid-back, country-style setting.
  • Running horses are depicted in a more energetic pose, with their legs extended and their bodies leaning forward. They are a great choice for those who want to add a bit of action and energy to their outdoor space.

Can we gift horse weathervane or use it as a decorative piece?

Yes, absolutely! Our horse weathervanes make the perfect gift for any horse enthusiast or anyone who loves unique and charming decorations for their home. It is an excellent present that adds a bit of history and tradition to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and holidays, our horse weather vane is a timeless gift perfect for any occasion. It can be displayed indoors with pride, in your garden, patio, or rooftop.

No matter what occasion you choose to give our horse weathervane for, this unique gift will surely bring delight and charm for years to come.

Some of the most sought after horse weathervanes are:

In what styles and sizes are horse weathervanes available?

We understand that everyone has different preferences and needs when selecting a horse weathervane. That's why we provide many distinct styles, sizes, and shapes to accommodate your taste and your available space. For those who prefer a more traditional look, antique and vintage horse weathervanes are a great choice. Traditional  styles feature intricate details such as flowing manes and shining hooves, while more modern interpretations may be designed with abstract or stylized shapes.

Our weathervanes are designed by American artists and are made of 100% pure copper (featuring brass accents) or aluminum.

In terms of size, our horse weathervanes are available in various sizes, from small tabletop versions to large, full-sized weathervanes that can be mounted on a roof or other high-point places. This allows you to choose the size that best fits your needs based on your space and preferences. So whether you want a large one to make a statement or a small decorative art piece to add a touch of whimsy to your space, there is a horse weathervane for you.

How many years does the horse weathervane last?

Our horse weathervanes are made of pure copper (detailed with brass accents), hence known for their durability and long-lasting qualities. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for many years. To back this up, we offer a lifetime warranty on our weathervanes!

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