Collection: Hose Pots

The Perfect Solution To Messy Garden Hoses

Say goodbye to tangled garden hoses.

Built to last using durable brass or steel (with a copper-finish), these beautiful masterpieces provide ample space to hold hoses up to 100 feet long. In addition, our garden hose pots boast a modern or antique look, providing both function and style to your outdoor space.

Why Choose Our Hose Pots?

  • High-Quality Materials

    Good Directions' hose pots are made fromhigh-quality brass or steel(with copper-finish), thus withstanding the elements, and will last for years to come. With its timeless design andrust-resistantproperties, our hose pots are a functional and stylish addition to any outdoor garden space.

  • Large Storage Space

    Our hose pots are designed with ample storage space to hold your garden hose and accessories. With a spacious interior and raised base, our hose pots can accommodate hoses of up to 100 feet, and other gardening tools, making it easy to keep everything organized in one place.

  • Masterpiece Designs

    Our hose pots are not only functional, but they are also beautiful pieces of art designed in the US by our talented artisans that can enhance the look of your garden or patio. Each hose pot features a unique design, from classic to modern, and blends seamlessly with any outdoor decor.

Top Features of Our Hose Pots

  • Convenient Side Hole Design: Our hose pots feature a convenient side hole that makes it easy to connect your garden hose to an outdoor faucet.
  • Multiple Drainage Holes: Our hose pots are designed with multiple drainage holes that allow excess water to easily drain out, preventing any water buildup within the pot.
  • Raised Interior Base: Our hose pots feature a raised interior base that helps guide your garden hose within the container, preventing it from being tangled or kinked.
  • Elegant Garden Focal Point: Our hose pots serve as an elegant focal point in any garden, adding a touch of beauty and sophistication to your outdoor space.

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