High Quality Cupolas For Every Home

Enhance Your Roof with Style and Functionality

A Better Way to Add Character and Curb Appeal to Your Home

Increase the value and curb appeal of your property by adding our cupolas to your roofline. Our high quality wood or vinyl cupolas are an ideal addition to any house, barn, garage, shed, or business. Choose from one of the roofing styles out of pure copper, black aluminum, and wood to match your architectural design and decor. Our collection includes several distinct designs, and finishes that are sure to fulfill the decorative desires of any house-proud homeowner.

Experience the joy of outdoor living by bringing a work of art to your roofline.

Good Directions Cupolas are Made To Order and Shipped Within 4 Weeks.

"Family run business with quality cupolas"

"New addition to our coop, our copper cupola from Good Directions, and they are by far the sweetest family run business with quality cupolas, wethervanes, and other beautiful garden supplies. We are so happy with it!"

- Lindsey K.

Why Choose Our Cupolas?

High Quality Materials

Our vinyl cupolas are made of Royal Brand Solid Cellular PVC Vinyl, which is rot-free, and maintenance-free, while our wooden cupolas are made of Premium Grade Cypress. All our cupolas are expertly crafted using a CNC Router, for a Precision Cut to ensure consistent and accurate shapes, resulting in a high-quality finished product.

Multiple Roofing Options

We offer 3 roofing options to choose from: (a) 24 Gauge Pure Copper Roof (Grade 1 - 16 ounce pure copper) for a classic look, (b) Black Aluminum, for a sleek and modern appearance, and (c) Wood - for a more natural and traditional look. These materials withstand the toughest weather for long-lasting protection.

Extended Strength & Durability

Our cupolas roofs are Reinforced with Rafters for maximum stability and support. The louvered mid-section is equipped with interior Wood Framing Braces to provide additional strength to its overall structure. We also use 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Staples instead of single nails to prevent components from shifting.

Good Directions Cupola Benefits

  • Increases Aesthetic & Property Value: Our cupolas are an attractive architectural feature which not only increase the visual appeal of your property, but also its value.
  • Easy to Install: Our cupolas are easy to install and come with clear instructions, perfect for DIYers looking to add beauty to their outdoor living space in no time. (Check out our installation videos)
  • Lifetime Warranty: We offer a lifetime warranty on all our cupolas. We stand behind the quality of our cupolas and offer this warranty to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. (View our warranty)
  • Promotes Ventilation & Natural Lighting: Many of our cupolas feature louvers and windows, which let in natural sunlight and promote ventilation, helping you "get some fresh air" while keeping your space bright.

Create a Focal Point for your Roof with our Stylish Cupolas!

Cupola Installation Videos

Check out our easy-to-understand instructional videos on cupola installation and assembly.
Give your home a unique touch, in just a few steps!

How to Install a Good Directions Cupola?

How to Assemble, Unbox a Cupola?

Sizing Instructions

Check out our cupola sizing instructions and installation videos, on how to install, adapt and assemble our cupolas.



We understand that choosing the right cupola can be overwhelming. Dont' worry! We are here to help. Call, text or email Matt Bardani at:
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Can a cupola be customized to fit my specific roof pitch and size?

Our cupolas are designed to fit up to a 10/12 roof pitch. Anything steeper than 10/12, such as 11/12, 12/12, and beyond, can be accommodated, provided we know the pitch. This way, we can add more material to the base at the manufacturing plant to ensure it will work correctly for your roof pitch.

How much do cupolas typically weigh, and will I need additional support for installation?

Our 18 and 36 inch cupolas typically weigh between 40 and 200 lbs. They come in three parts, making them easy to handle and install. However, for 30 inch and larger cupolas, we recommend having at least two people handle them for the safety of the people handling them and to ensure that the product is not damaged.

Are there any specific requirements to install your cupolas, or can I install them myself?

We provide an installation video and PDF/printed instructions to help install our cupolas. However, because the installation involves working on a roof and drilling holes in it, we highly recommend that you hire a carpenter with the necessary skills to install the cupola safely and correctly. However, if you have the necessary skills and feel confident in your ability to install the cupola safely and correctly, then our instructions will certainly be helpful in guiding you through the process.

Will a copper roof on a cupola eventually turn green or patina over time?

Yes, copper roofs on cupolas will naturally patina over time, but this process will not harm the durability or performance of the roof.

Can I paint one of your cupolas? Can I customize it to match the color and finish of my building?

Yes, you can paint our cupolas. We suggest using a primer and 100% exterior grade acrylic paint on the vinyl since it is lightweight and adheres tightly to the vinyl. Thick paint can eventually flake off, so using the right type of paint is important. Two coats of paint, preferably applied as a spray, will work well. Yes, you can customize our cupolas to match the color and finish of your building.

Are cupolas suitable for commercial buildings, or are they mainly for residential use?

Good Directions cupolas are suitable for residential and commercial buildings, adding aesthetic value to any property.

Can I add lighting to the cupola?

Yes, you can add lighting to our cupolas, especially the windowed ones. Many of our customers do so, as it can look beautiful at night. However, please note that we currently do not offer lighting options. The crossbar in the roof cavity should provide a suitable mounting point for a lighting unit.

How long can I expect my cupola to last, and does it come with any warranty or guarantee?

We offer a lifetime warranty for our vinyl cupolas, while our wood cupolas come with a one-year warranty. While the lifespan of our cupolas can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and maintenance, both our vinyl and wood cupolas are designed and built to last for many years. With proper care and maintenance, our cupolas can be enjoyed for decades to come.