Decorative Rain Chains: Unique outdoor accent to increase your curb appeal

Decorative Rain Chains: Unique outdoor accent to increase your curb appeal - Good Directions

Bring a smile to your face every time it catches your eye!

Are you one of those people who love the idea of rain chains but need help figuring out where to use them? Or you've considered buying them but dropped the idea because you need to know if they would fit the style of your home.

Well, I have got a few ideas for you!

What if I told you that you could use rain chains to enhance the view of your doorway? It doesn't matter if you live in a big or small house; Good Directions' rain chains can fit anywhere and make you feel great every time you see them.

These rain chains not only look beautiful, but they're also functional. So let's find out how to create a stunning display of rain chains right outside your home, whether in your entryway, patio, or garden.

Elevate the Look of Your Home's Entrance or Garden

Whether you use rain chains as functional downspouts or purely for their decorative appeal, they are a great way to elevate your home's entrance to a whole new level. So let me list a few creative options for using rain chains outside your main door.

Rain chain outside the door

1. Rain Chain Planter: This is my favorite! Use a planter with pebbles or rocks to hold the bottom of the rain chain. Choose a planter that complements the style and aesthetic of your home's exterior, and consider planting flowers or greenery for an added pop of color and texture.

2. Rain Chain Fountain: Create a soothing fountain effect by attaching a basin to your rain chain and connecting it to a water source. The gentle sound of the water flowing through the rain chain fountain will create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

3. Wind Chimes and Spinners: Since they are made of copper, our rain chain can be repurposed as wind chimes or spinners. While they produce pleasant sounds when they are hit by the wind or spin in the breeze, you can also add bells, chimes, or other decorative elements.

4. Hanging Art: Have you considered hanging the rain chains outside your main door? Well, you should try it! And to play with your artistic self, you can add additional elements such as beads, crystals, or other decorative pieces to enhance its visual appeal.

5. Outdoor Lighting: How about an eye-catching way to light up your outdoor space for a celebration or special occasion? Use rain chains to create a unique outdoor lighting feature. String small lights or lanterns along the chain to add a warm and inviting glow to your entryway.

6. Outdoor Decor: If you are an outdoor décor fan, use rain chains in your gardens by incorporating them into garden sculptures, pergolas, or trellises. You can hang small potted plants or flowers from the rain chain links to create a unique and eye-catching display.

Rain chain as outdoor decor and hanging art

There are many other ways to use rain chains that I may have yet to cover here. If you have your own unique ideas for using rain chains, I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send me an email and share your thoughts.

Unique Decor Ideas for Architects, Landscapers, Home Stagers, and Event Planners

Rain chains are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings beyond their functional purpose, beyond your home. Let's explore a few unique ways to see how professionals or other experts might integrate them for their benefit.

  • Architects and Landscapers can use rain chains to add a touch of uniqueness to their building designs and outdoor spaces.
  • Home Stagers can incorporate rain chains into their decor ideas to create an unforgettable first impression for potential buyers.
  • Event Planners can add a decorative touch to outdoor events, such as weddings and parties, using rain chains.

While rain chains can be the perfect finishing touch, they can also create a memorable atmosphere for all who experience them. So why not give your business a boost and stand out with these unique décor ideas?

Plus, with various styles and finishes, you will surely find a rain chain that perfectly matches your preferences.

Most Popular Rain Chain Styles

Let's take a look into some of my favorite rain chains and see how they can be added to your doorways:

#1 - Fish Rain Chain: 8.5 Feet Long

Fish rain chain

First up is the Fish Rain Chain, featuring a large wide-mouthed fish that will hook your heart. It's handmade using 20-gauge pure copper, and like a fine wine, it gets better with age and develops a beautiful patina over time.

#2 - Stellar Rain Chain: 13 Large Figures

Stellar rain chain

Next, I like the Stellar Rain Chain because of its simplicity. It has 13 rotating, 4.5-inch stellar rings linked with a brass chain to create an 8.5-foot rain chain.

#3 - Blue Verde Crocus Rain Chain: 8.5 Feet Long

Crocus rain chain

Made of from pure copper, this Blue Verde Crocus Rain Chain achieves the historic look of aged copper. Crafted with large crocus cups, linked together to form an 8.5-foot wonderful rain chain.

#4 - Buddha Head Rain Chain: 8.5 Feet Long, 12 Large Figures

Buddha rain chain

The 100% Pure Copper Buddha Head Rain Chain is a true work of art. It's handmade using 20-gauge pure copper. The brass accessories complement the Zen design. It has an 8.5-foot chain with 12 large figures, including the Buddha head that measures 3 inches wide x 2 inches high – the largest in the industry!

Having indicated my choices, I encourage you to explore the main collection page to find more rain chain options that match your taste and style.

Here's Why Good Directions' Rain Chains Are The Best

  • Good Directions Rain Chains are crafted from 20-gauge premium quality copper. Their durability and strength are undeniably good, adding a touch of elegance to your home.
  • Good Directions Rain Chains feature a unique cup and link design, which makes them incredibly sturdy and reliable, even in heavy rain. These designs are available, from simple circles to intricate flowers and motifs.
  • Good Directions Rain Chains come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring your investment is protected for years.


If you value style and want to make a statement with your home's decor, then rain chains are the ones you have been looking for.

They come in various designs and finishes and are an incredible addition that will make you happy whenever you walk in or outside the door. So don't hesitate to add one to your doorway and enjoy the benefits for years.

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