Order Status & General

Where do you ship from?

Most of our handmade products ship from Connecticut - this includes our copper weathervanes, copper finials, copper rain chains, planters, hose pots, spark screens, bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, and boot trays.

Our vinyl and wood cupolas are fabricated in and ship from North Carolina.

What if I need to return my product?

What is the lead time?

What if I have a question on my order?

How will my order be shipped?

How do I track the status of my order?

Do you have any discount codes running?

Do your products have a warranty?

How do I register my product for warranty coverage?


What is the weathervane made of?

How do I mount the weathervane?

Is a roof mount included with the weathervane?

How do I mount the weathervane to a non-Good Directions cupola?

How come some weathervanes include retaining clips and some do not?

How come the 955P/V1/GL Smithsonian Eagle weathervane does not come with a retaining clip?

How do you mount a Cottage/Garden weathervane into a Good Directions (GD) and non-GD cupola?

What size weathervane would look best with my cupola?

How many finishes are offered for your weathervane?

How long will the polished finish on the roof last?

Do the weathervanes require assembly?

Are the directionals supposed to turn in the wind?

What size weathervane should I purchase?

How will my weathervane be shipped?

Can I purchase a weathervane figure without the hardware?

How do you install the small copper ball on the weathervane (Standard and Estate Series weathervanes)?

Does the weathervane need to be grounded?

Do you manufacture custom weathervanes? Why not?

Can I move the brass ring to have the globes and directionals touch?


What materials are your cupolas made of?

How will my cupola be shipped?

How is the cupola square size measured?

Which size cupola would look best on my home?

Is a signature required for my cupola delivery?

How do I install my weathervane on the cupola?

What is roof pitch?

Do the windowed cupolas contain real glass?

Can I get inside the windowed cupolas to clean the glass or add a light fixture?

How do I install my cupola?

Can my cupola be used for ventilation?

Can I paint my vinyl cupola?

What gauge copper is used on the roof of the cupola?

How long will the polished finish on the roof last?


Are there drainage holes in the feeders and houses?

How do you clean them?

How do you fill them?

How much seed do they hold?

What type of birds will be attracted?


Does the finial need to be grounded?

Does the finial just sit on top of the mount or rod?

Hose Pots

How much hose can the hose pot hold?

Are there drainage holes?


Do they have drainage holes?

Rain chains

What is a rain chain?

What if I need more than 8.5’?

Does the basin hang from the chain?

Will that water flow like a standard downspout pipe?

What will happen in below-freezing weather?

Do the rain chains need to be taken down during the winter?

Do the rain chains rust?

Can a rain chain be installed without a gutter?

Spark Screens

How long does the screen last for?

What are our screens made of?


How much oil do they hold?

Armillary Sundials

Will the armillary blow over in strong winds?