Collection: Fire Pits

Food Flavored with Wind and Fire

Take outdoor entertainment up a notch!

Our fire pits are built to create an atmosphere that brings people together. Picture yourself gathered around the fire after a delicious meal, sharing stories and laughs with those you care about most. Our hand-made products will leave guests talking about your entertainment skills for ages.

Why Choose Our Fire Pits?

  • Hand Made With Love

    These products are made of thick steel elements which can guarantee their excellent condition and durability. In the course of manual production, individual elements are properly selected, matched and welded together.

  • High-Quality Materials

    All Cook King products are stylish, solid and easy to use.  We use only high-quality materials from European steelworks holding necessary certificates and approvals confirming their quality and origin.

  • Safe for Cooking

    Cook with confidence on Cook King's raw steel fire pits. Made from untreated, food-safe steel with no powder coating, our fire pits offer an authentic, no-nonsense cooking surface. Savor the unmatched flavor of fire-cooked cuisine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my fire pit rust?

Our handmade fire pits are made of raw steel and will eventually rust over time. We do not apply a coating to our fire pits during the fabricating process as they are designed to be used for cooking. You can certainly prolong the fire pit from rusting by keeping it covered while not in use.  

Is it safe to cook on my fire pit?

Are fire pits safe to use?

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