About Us

Family-Owned and Dedicated to Craftsmanship

Our Passion For The Community

Inspired by the giving heart of our founder, Good Directions is committed to giving back to those in need, especially individuals in underserved communities. Even at 95 years young, John continues to volunteer at local soup kitchens and food pantries.

In this same spirit, Good Directions has partnered with many charitable organizations that are working to improve the lives of those around the country, including access to clean water and housing.

With our belief in the importance of home in mind, we hold one local charity particularly dear.

One of our partnerships is with Off The Streets, who provides housing for the homeless.

Founded in our hometown of Danbury, Connecticut, Off The Streets mission is to restore respect, dignity, and hope to homeless people, who have a way to pay a monthly rent, by placing them into an apartment they can call their own. Through donations, the organization is able to provide security deposits, furniture, and many other living needs for the people we serve.

Off the Streets supplies security deposits directly to landlords, which can be a major barrier to being housed.

They help deliver furniture and household goods to transform an empty apartment into a home.

Off the Streets also provides encouragement and support to help transient individuals get the resources they need to thrive and succeed.