About Us

In 1982, with an eye for design and a love of outdoor living, John Lodato-the son of an immigrant coal miner-began a collaboration with a small group of American artisans and craftsmen. His vision: to create a unique collection of high quality, hand-finished weathervanes and cupolas to add visual interest and distinction to homes of all types. His rooftop designs were highly popular and Good Directions was born!

After 15 years of growth and success, in 1997 John passed the leadership of Good Directions to his son Michael, who has led the company's expansion ever since. Today, Michael and the Good Directions Team are proud to offer an unmatched array of quality home and garden decor including accents and embellishments for the yard, garden and patio - even a collection designed for interiors. Most recently, we have partnered with the esteemed Smithsonian Institute to create a collection of products inspired by American historical art and design.

As we have grown and evolved over the years adding to our products and increasing our reach, we have never strayed from John's original vision: to offer home decor of unparalleled craftsmanship and lasting value supported by the highest standards of service and customer care. At Good Directions, we believe you deserve our undivided attention: contact us and our live customer service people will always be more than happy to help you.

More than three decades since its creation, the very first Good Directions weathervane-a classic Cherub design-still sits atop John's home, a testament to the enduring quality and craftsmanship of every Good Directions product.

We invite you to join us in the Lodato family tradition, creating beauty in your surroundings and experiencing all the joy that outdoor living has to offer. Stop by our home and garden decor company website and check out our beautiful copper weathervanes, cupolas, birding accessories, and more!