Birdhouses, Feeders, and Baths: A Guide to Backyard Birding

Birdhouses, Feeders, and Baths: A Guide to Backyard Birding - Good Directions

Enjoying nature's wonders from the comfort of home has long been acknowledged to decrease stress and increase a sense of well-being, so it's no wonder so many homeowners are becoming increasingly interested in attracting birds to their yards. At Good Directions, we're backyard birders ourselves!  We love our feathered friends, and we love enticing them to stop by and dine with us on the way to their next destination.  

Some of the world's most amazing avians  - majestic, beautiful, cute and playful alike - migrate throughout the United States and beyond year-round. And like any traveler, they like to take a break and stay awhile in places where there's good food and nice accommodations. Read on for some pro-tips on how to create a place the birds will want to visit.

Create a Bird BnB in your backyard

Turning your backyard into a bird-friendly habitat may be easier than you think. It doesn't take much to start attracting more birds to your property, your yard, even your doorstep - just give them the basics every traveler needs: clean and sturdy accommodations, something to eat and a safe place to eat it in, and a nice spot to drink and take a bath.

It's important to remember that your neighborhood may have once provided a lot more of these survival resources for the birds whose natural migratory patterns take them there, and just a few easy additions to your property can really help to restore that natural balance. You can make a real difference for the birds that bring so much joy and wonder to our lives.

1. Give them a place to rest, nest, and roost

A birdhouse is a classic addition to any house or yard, and the more houses you have to host them in, the more birds are sure to flock to your home. Our birdhouses are built to be clean, cozy and eco-friendly. Every Good Directions birdhouse has a mango hardwood base and a solid copper roof, with a variety of designs for an easy installation in any outdoor space. Specific birds like specific types of birdhouses, so make sure to do your research if looking to attract a particular type of bird.


2. Provide a source of clean, nutritious food

While birdhouses will attract birds all by themselves, they'll really appreciate a consistent source of balanced nutrition. While some birds such as Hummingbirds prefer nectar, and others prefer fruit or insects, the majority of local backyard birds are happy eating different kinds of seeds. With these birds in mind, and to promote easy access to the seed and the availability to create a social network while chowing-down, we recommend checking out our unique, easy-to-fill Fly-Thru™ feeders. Designed in conjunction with local artisans and birding experts, these feeders are a bright and colorful addition to the garden and guaranteed attract birds of all shapes and sizes. 
Don't forget to keep these tips in mind when feeding birds: Fill the feeder halfway, place it away from human activity, be patient, keep it clean, and use the right food. Your feathered friends will appreciate it!


3. Open a simple spot to splash and sing

Once their shelter and food needs are taken care of, our new bird friends will be happy to hang around and sing you a song when you provide them a clean source of water to drink from and clean in. Bird baths are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, sure to provide many precious backyard birding moments. Our bird baths are elegant, sturdily crafted from solid, bird-safe antimicrobial copper, and sized for a variety of outdoor spaces.


4. Provide natural nesting materials

In addition to a birdhouse, you can supply nesting materials for birds to use in building their nests. This can include materials like twigs, grasses, and feathers, which you can leave in a small basket or container near the birdhouse. This will not only attract birds to your yard, but also give them the materials they need to build sturdy, safe nests!

5. Plant bird-friendly trees and shrubs

Certain types of trees and shrubs are more attractive to birds than others, either because they provide food (like berries) or because they offer good shelter and nesting locations. Look up which trees and shrubs are native to your area and provide the best habitat for birds, and think about planting a few in your yard to create a more bird-friendly environment.


Why Has Birding Becoming So Popular?

There are so many reasons why watching, caring for, nourishing and investing in birds is good for your soul and your home. Some of the benefits of having birds around include:

  • Having birds around is just…well…nice! We could list several studies showing that being around wild birds is good for your health, but just listening to their songs, watching their colorful flights, or observing the puffing and ruffling of feathers while they get clean is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  • Backyard birding is good for the environment. The continuing loss of bird habitats worldwide is a serious issue. According to the Audubon Society, bird populations have dropped 25% in North America in the last fifty years. We can help them recover by providing safe places to rest and sources of healthy, natural foods.
  • Birds provide natural pest control. Birds are some of the most prolific bug-hunters around, and will actively rid your yard, trees, and garden of pests and parasites even after a sampling at the birdfeeder - all part of a balanced meal! Reduce or eliminate your pesticide use with the help of our avian allies.
  • Birds are a gardener's best friend. Beyond banishing your bugs, birds are well-known for their role in pollinating plants, and perhaps less well-known for doing the weeding for you.

    Good Directions - Your Source for Elegant Bird Houses, Feeders, and Baths

    At Good Directions, we pride ourselves on producing some of the finest, most attractive, bird-comfortable and eco-friendly birdhouses, bird feeders and bird baths available, sure to attract a variety of bird species to your home or yard.

    With innovative, elegant and attractive designs crafted from sturdy and easy-to-clean materials, we're certain we have a birdhouse, birdfeeder, birdbath, and more that's perfect for your backyard birding build, or as a gift for a family member or friend.

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