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Most of our handmade products ship from Connecticut - this includes our copper weathervanes, copper finials, copper rain chains, planters, hose pots, spark screens, bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, and boot trays.

Our vinyl and wood cupolas are fabricated in and ship from North Carolina.

Call or email our customer service department at 800-852-3002 or help@gooddirections.com for a return authorization # and return instructions.

Our copper weathervanes, copper finials, copper rain chains, planters, birding, hose pots, spark screens, and boot trays ships within 1-2 business days.

Our vinyl and wood cupolas ship within 2-3 weeks, some models ship within 1 week.

Please call our customer service department at 800-852-3002, or email us at help@gooddirections.com.

It will be shipped via UPS or FedEx unless stated otherwise.

We'll email you confirmation when your order ships, including the tracking information.

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The weathervane figure and spacer balls are made from 100% pure copper. The directionals are made of solid brass, and the assembly rod is made of powder-coated steel.

For mounting directly on the roof use our 401AL Adjustable Roof Mount. In addition you can mount your weathervane atop a cupola, visit our cupolas for a wide selection of styles and sizes. We offer a variety of options so as not to limit where you can display your weathervane with pride!

Roof mounts are sold separately.  They are only included with our Cottage weathervanes.

Our cupolas have a bracket inside the roof to accept the weathervane rod.  If not, contact us more information on how to properly install.

Winged or 3D pieces come with a retaining clip to keep them from moving up the rod assembly.  Designs that don’t come with a retaining clip are not susceptible to taking flight.

This model is engineered appropriately so that wind gusts don’t lift them off of their rods.

Contact us today and we can send you a cupola rod to ensure your weathervane fits your Good Directions cupola.  We can send you this cupola rod for your non-Good Directions cupola as well.  Most cupolas have a bracket inside the roof to accept the weathervane rod.  If not, contact us for more information.

Typically, the weathervane length shouldn’t be more than 2” or less than 2” on each end of the cupola area.  This is a general rule of thumb, and sizing can vary based on personal preference.

Our copper weathervanes are mostly offered in two finishes.  Polished weathervanes are raw copper & are placed on buffers to give them luster and shine.  Blue Verde is an antiqued finish, which gives the appearance of aged copper.  However, we have introduced a variety of new finishes, which include red patina, bronze patina, and green patina.

Within a few months, the copper will lose its shine and start to naturally tarnish. Ultimately the copper will patina, one of the few metals you can place outside that will continue to look more beautiful over the years. We offer Incralac Lacquer Spray, a product that protects and maintains the polished finish of copper and brass that can be applied to preserve the look of raw copper.

Yes, our weathervanes do require some light assembly. Instructions are included with each order. All you need is a screwdriver and the parts simply slide onto the assembly rod and are secured by set screws. We do suggest a thread-locking adhesive when assembling the rods. In addition, check out our videos.

The directionals should remain stationary at all times pointed in the correct direction. The weathervane figure will move and point into the wind or from where the wind is blowing.

We have three sizes to choose from: The Cottage Weathervanes are smaller versions of our classic Standard Size line and are specifically designed for mounting on smaller structures (for example, sheds and pool houses) or for use in the garden. The more traditional Standard Size Weathervanes are designed to fit most homes, garages, or gazebos. Our largest line, The Estate Series, is designed to complement larger homes, barns, or commercial buildings.

It will be shipped via UPS or FedEx unless stated otherwise.

Yes, these figures make beautiful accents to any home. Our mantle bases are a handsome way to display a weathervane.

The small copper ball rests on top of the bottom rod.  It sits right where the top rod and bottom rod connect.

Check with your local licensed electrician.  While we've been making weathervanes for many decades, we are not professionals in this field and recommend contacting a professional.

We are set up to manufacture only our catalog of designs.  If you’d like one we don’t offer, please contact us and we can recommend a coppersmith.

Definitely, gently tighten the screw holding the brass ring. If tightened too tight it can strip and break. If this happens, let us know, and we'll send a new one at no charge.


We use the highest quality materials in the industry, backed by our Lifetime Warranty on all vinyl cupolas. Our vinyl cupolas are fabricated from Royal Brand solid cellular PVC vinyl, which is maintenance free and rot free. Our wood cupolas are made from cypress, a very durable hardwood. Except for the Kent model, all of our cupolas have a 100% pure copper roof.

Cupolas up to and including 26" diameter ship via UPS. Larger size cupolas ship via motor freight.

The cupola is measured at its roofline, which is the widest part of the cupola.

A good rule of thumb for selecting the correct cupola is 1.5" of square cupola size for every foot of unbroken roofline. The key is the unbroken roofline. For example 1.5" of cupola x 24' unbroken roofline = the minimum cupola roof size of 36.” Our experience tells us this formula provides a balance between the cupola and the roof.

UPS shipments do not require a signature. Motor freight shipments are scheduled by appointment and do require a signature. Liftgate service may be necessary to remove the cupola from the truck.

All Good Directions cupolas come "weathervane ready.” Each cupola is built with an internal bracket for mounting the weathervane. No additional hardware is required. 


If your cupola is 30-36” square you’ll require an 11” extension rod.  Cupolas 42-54” require a 24” extension rod.  Cupolas 60” and larger require two 24” extension rods.  

See the cupola installation video here.  Check out timeline 3:15 to 4:18 that demonstrates installing a Good Directions weathervane on a Good Directions cupola.

The roof pitch refers to the angle or the steepness of the roof. A carpenter's square can be used to find the angle of the roof. Our cupolas are designed for a roof pitch up to 10/12. If your roof is steeper (for example 12/12 or 14/12) an extended base will be needed.  Please share with our cupola specialist when ordering if your roof pitch is steeper than 10/12.

The cupolas are built with a 3/32" thick single strength glass.

One of the glass window sides will have hinges enabling you to get inside the cupola.

Each cupola arrives in three pieces for installation. A complete installation guide is included with every cupola.  An installation video is available here as well. 

All of our louvered cupolas can be used for ventilation. 

Our Vinyl cupolas do not require painting but they can be painted with 100% acrylic latex paint.

We use 16 oz., 24 gauge copper.

Within a few months, the copper will lose its shine and start to naturally tarnish. Ultimately the copper will patina and look even more beautiful. We offer Incralac Lacquer Spray, a product that protects and maintains the polished finish of copper and brass that can be applied before installing  to preserve the look of raw copper.


Yes, we place numerous drainage holes in our feeders so water does not build up inside the feeder.

Houses either have a copper-covered hole in the back or the roof comes off.  Feeders have a hinged opening or the roof comes off. Clean with mild soap and water and let air dry.

Either the roof comes off or there is a hinged opening. Instructions are included with each birding product.

1 ⅓ to 5 lbs of seed - varies by design. On each of our website product pages we list how much seed each feeder holds.

Many different types of birds are attracted to our birding products. They include song birds, cardinals, wild birds, blue birds, and many more colorful and attractive birds.


Check with your local licensed electrician.  We've been making our copper finials for decades, although we are not professionals in this field and recommend contacting a professional.

Yes, our copper finials include a roof mount and slide over the stem for easy installation. Gravity keeps the finial from moving.

Hose Pots

They can hold up to 150’ of hose. Check out each product page for more information.

Yes, there are drainage holes in the bottom.


Our planters do not have drainage holes but they can easily be added if needed.

Rain chains

Good Directions rain chains guide water from the roof gutter to the ground as a decorative alternative to a downspout. Our rain chains, made of copper and brass accents, are larger in scale to channel more water. Being larger, they also make more of a design statement.

They are sold online in 8.5’ sections. If you need a custom length, contact us for pricing.

The basin doesn’t hang from the rain chain. The basin is meant to sit on the ground and anchor the rain chain. This way the water can flow seamlessly down the rain chain as it would with a typical downspout pipe.

Yes, the water will flow down like a standard downspout pipe. If the area receives a lot of rainwater, we recommend designs with cups, this will channel the water most effectively.

The water will freeze on the rain chains as it would on a downspout pipe. Many of our customers send us photos as they look beautiful.

No, they are fully functional during the winter months.

No, they will not rust.  They are made of copper with brass and will ultimately patina to a beautiful green over time. Our blue verde copper rain chains will retain this finish for many, many years. Afterwards they will continue to get greener.

Rain chains can be added to most roof applications. If you are unsure, contact us, we’re happy to help.  They can also be used as decoration hanging from a porch, garden accent, and much more.

Spark Screens

Our intricately woven powder-coated steel mesh spark screens offer an added layer of protection to any outdoor fire pit blaze.  Based on usage these screens can last many years. For added longevity, use our stainless steel spark screens.

Our spark screens are available in stainless steel and powder-coated steel.  Stainless and powder-coated attributes add to their longevity.


The 203CH-C and 203CHV1-C Large Hammered Torches (pure copper and blue verde copper) hold 16 oz. of oil for approximately 24 hours of burn time.

The 202CH-C and 202CHV1-C Medium Hammered Torches (pure copper and blue verde copper) hold 8 oz. of oil for approximately 12 hours of burn time.

Armillary Sundials

Our armillaries are heavy pieces and it’s very unlikely they would blow over from the wind.  However, there are screw holes in the base to secure it to a surface.

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